Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago at this time, DrH and I were sitting in a taxi going to a hotel he had booked for our wedding night. One of the few small chores I´d left it up to him to take care of in our How To Organise a Wedding in Three Weeks affair. I´d only found the outfit I wanted to wear a week before, DrH went looking for his suit three days before, I had a fitting two days before and picked up the outfit, found shoes, makeup, jewellry and matching underwear the night before. The restuarant organised the table arrangments following my precise and detailed instructions:

"Oh, I dunno. Perhaps some kind of red flower thing?";

the hairdresser that morning worked hard to create the perfect image:

"Look, I´m getting married in two hours, can you just put it up somehow? Yeah, that´ll do."

and my Maid of Honour´s name was Michael and he wore a bow tie.

The whole day was wonderful, fun and relaxing. What a great way to get married. Even the weather played nicely and gave us bright blue skies.

Of course it was ZERO DEGREES and I was wearing a SLEEVLESS, STRAPLESS CORSET. This photo was taken in about thirty-five seconds of shivering.

DrH outdid himself, booking us in to the Adlon Hotel, possibly the most famous hotel in Berlin for many, many reasons of great and historical importance but most notoriously because Michael Jackson dangled his kids over the balcony from there. We were not blessed with a balconied room, however it had a big bed, a big bath and a BIG, EXPENSIVE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE. The following day the taxi driver dropped us home, which just so happens to be across the road from a Youth Hostel. He took one look at us and said:

"You spent all your money last night, didn´t you."

Our first annivesary we spent on the North Sea coast, possibly one of the most stupid places to be in February in Germany. Witness:

At least I was more appropriately dressed.

The last two years have been fun, if not at least A LITTLE STRESSFULL as we haven´t actually lived in the same city for any of it. As a highschool acquaintance at my reunion put it:

"DrH is lovely. He´ll make a great first husband."

Yeah, he´s been pretty good. If he keeps it up I might put off the second husband for a while longer.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely synopsis of your big day. I'm very pleased that your delaying the onset of number two, as I really like number one, he's very cute!!!

Susan said...

Slightly belated congratulations on your anniversary! Are there any pictures of the rest of your dress? Looks pretty in the little corner there, but me being a girl and it being a wedding dress I need to see the whole thing.

Dr J. said...

I would love to show you pictures of the dress, but I´m afraid it isn´t. It´s a long corset (goes down to just under my bum) in pinks reds and greens with a pair of green trousers.

I am nothing if not fashion ignorant.

Susan said...

Nice evasion, but I still want to see your *ahem* outfit.