Thursday, February 02, 2006

My true calling was Neurosurgery

Today I went and picked up 12 kilos of animal insides for the dog. By animal insides I really mean INSIDES. A few kidneys were thrown in, but mostly it was the entire section from throat to liver, minus lungs. Did you have any idea what the bronchial tube feels like or how difficult it is to cut through the eosophagus? I DO.
My Hamburg meat deliveries were somehow more pleasant. I mean that was mostly cow, and aside from the stomach (which smells exactly like cow shit), the rest was fine. The heart is huge and you can cut it easily up into the good chew sizes which keep Leon Dog Wonder occupied for twenty minutes. But this stuff must have been pig ´cause it was small and full of membrane bits. Have you any idea how many tubes are inside animals? There´s, like, THOUSANDS.

I tell you what, without those years of cutting up rats, snails, cockroaches and starfish (yes, starfish) that my basic biology training brought me, I would have been somewhat at a loss. But I´m still a bit confused at the small, lightly coloured organ at the top of the throat. Thyroid, perhaps? I chopped it up anyway and I´m sure Leon Dog Wonder won´t care too much.

Now I just have to bag the whole mess into mealsized chunks and fit it into our bar fridge freezer. Oh, did I mention that? DrH ordered about three times more than will actually fit in our freezer section, so this is gonna be fun.


kilowatthour said...

i'm thinking thymus? because thyroid is decidedly purple. anyway, that one picture is nasty. but leon dog wonder is adorable!

Bill said...

Ah, the look of a hungry dog. Remember those cartoons about two guys stranded on a desert island and after a while they start looking like food to each other? Hamburger with legs, chicken drumbstick with eyes?

That's what a dog sees. Don't turn your back!