Tuesday, February 07, 2006

There are some who call me... Tim?

I´m not one of those people that are fascinated by movies. I can´t tell you much about this director, that style, this arthouse hit, that big screen flop. Just ask Our Man in Tokyo. Go on. He´ll confirm it. Many are the conversations we´ve held that sound like this:

"Big Name Director´s got a new film coming out."

"Really? Ummm is he a director?"

"Yes, DrJ."

"Oh. What movies´ he done?"

"Big Movie 1, Big Movie 2, Small-Arthouse-But-Critically-Acclaimed Movie."

"Oh, okay. I thought about seeing the first one, but didn´t. Didn´t see the second. Haven´t heard of the third."

As you can imagine, for someone as movie-happy as our Man in Tokyo, these are difficult conversations, bordering on painful. He usually winces. He isn´t the only person to suffer from my disinterest in the world of film. Most people look down their nose at my lack of knowledge, as if I´m the most culturally uneducated person around. I´m left standing like a fool as others deconstruct the latest Sundance offering. But I still can´t bring myself to be THAT interested in it all.

So it´s amazing that in DrH I´ve found someone even more Movie-lly Challenged than I am. Consider:

"Hey DrJ, let´s go to the movies this weekend."

"Anything good on? Hang on, there was that film from Whatshisname. The clay-doozy. Like Nightmare Before Christmas. You know. Is that still on?"

"I have no idea"

"Dead something? Corspe! Corpse Girl? Corpse bride! I really wanted to see it. It´s by Thingy. Tim. Tim. Tim Burton?"

"Really? He´s directed a couple of films now hasn´t he?"

"Yep, think so."

"And still acts."

"Huh? I didn´t think he was an actor"

"Yeah. You know. Like in the movie about the jail escape. With the black guy. Dug his way out of prison. Through the wall."

"The Shawshank Redemption? No that was Tim. Umm Tim..."

"It´s the same guy."

"No it´s not. I´m sure it´s not. It was Tim..."

"It´s him. Bet a large Pizza?"


"Robbins! Tim Robbins is the guy from the Shawshank Redemption!"

"Yeah, it´s the same guy."

"NO IT ISN´T. The other guy was Tim...umm Tim..."



"Burton! The director is Tim Burton! The actor is Tim Robbins! You´re wrong and you owe me a pizza!"

"No I´m sure I´m right."

"Oh for f$%!´s sake let´s Google it."

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Our Man In Tokyo said...

Oh that had me on the floor laughing! By the way, have you seen the new Werner Herzog doco? Looks great!
And don't give me a "Werner who?"! :-)