Friday, February 10, 2006

This one is for the girls. Guys if you keep reading it then don´t blame me when you´re grossed out.

About a year ago a friend introduced me to the Soft Cup, a disposable plastic diaphragm-like thing to use instead of tampons. She adores it ´cause she´s the sporty type and this is a no worries, no leaks, no problems solution. You can even have sex with it in, although I think her impressed yell of “I can´t feel ANYTHING!” may not have improved the moral of her boyfriend too much. All well and good, sounds great, I´m ready to try anything which would improve my general standard of living.

Hah, sniggered the world at me, giving me a solid middle finger. These are one size fits most and guess whose not gonna be in that group.

Yesterday, while cruising through Globetrotter admiring the trekking clothes, hiking boots and other adventure gear that I´m unlikely ever to have a real use for, I spotted the Diva Cup hanging between a foldable razor and solid shampoo. This one even had TWO sizes to choose from. Hey, maybe this is the next new thing to solve all my problems I thought, whipping it off the rack and hiding it demurely under a couple of travel guides on my way to the cash register.

I got home and started reading the instructions. Reuseable blah blah, keep clean blah blah blah, store in bag blah blah blah, holds one ounce. Alright, stop. What´s an ounce? We´re in METRIC here. You know, the LOGICAL way to measure. Throwing down the instructions, I pulled the cup out of it´s box and started inspecting.

Guess what I found? On the sides are liquid measurements. Ounces on one, metric on the other side. Ok, so I´m slightly appeased. BUT.


And you know the worst thing? I just bet I´ll be checking that out from now on and THAT grosses even ME out.


Bugsy said...

interesting stuff - but you are right - why would you want to know that stuff? Will it end up being a competition to see how much you can get in it? Please do us all a favour and don't tell us the results! hehe

Megan said...

That is nasty in such an awesome way. You've brought out the gross side of me, and I love it!