Thursday, February 09, 2006

You know, this is exactly what my life has been missing

White noise.

Actually, that bit´s true. I am indeed looking for white noise samples to see if it can drown out the sound of DrH LISTENING TO SEEED VERY VERY VERY LOUD.


Ok, I´m not really surprised that there is a site selling CD´s of white noise. In fact I expected that, and am happy to see that I can also get my longed for CD of rain on the roof and a distant thunderstorm at the same time.

What surprises me is that these CD´s ACTUALLY EXIST:
Peacful Air Purifier,
Soothing Air Conditioner
and of course, Calming Electric Fan.
I mean, who comes up with this stuff?

But the best is to be found towards the bottom of the page. Here there is Baby´s First White Noise CD alongside Baby´s Blow Dryer CD.

And for those difficult times:
Baby Colic Relief White Noise 3 Pack
or the
Colic Relief Deluxe White Noise 4 Pack.

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