Thursday, March 30, 2006

Antiquities And The British Museum, or, And I Thought Those Germans Were Thieves

The very first time I walked into the Pergamon Museum in Berlin I stood there thinking "My god, those Germans have stolen EVERYTHING". That place hasn´t just relics and artefacts, but ENTIRE BUILDINGS within it´s walls. Well, the Brits aren´t much better.

We went to the British Museum on Saturday because it was free, it was raining and we´d sat in enough cafe´s for one day. Cultural sods that we are, we didn´t actually see anything - just one display on how cultures look at life and death. Instead, we admired the covered courtyard, looked at the room with the Michelangelo exhibit from the outside and then went through the museum shop.

You have to love museum shops. In Washington I bought candy with an insect inside. I have collected postcards of some of the world´s most famous paintings from museums in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, even Melbourne. I´ve bought scarves with native prints, small replicas of statues, books on whatever theme was foremost.

I love museum shops.

The British Museum shop was no exception. We purchased a reprint of a Michelangelo (some reclining naked guy sketch - THAT´S going up above my desk) in the main shop, but DrH spotted a smaller shop just before we left which of course also had to be inspected. The first comment from DrH was:

"Hey look, the invention of the mouse."

"Those damned Greeks invented everything didn´t they?"

This was followed quickly by me:

“I want this one!”

"Can I get a horse´s head? Can I? Can I? PLLEEEASE."

“Yeah, ok. We can put it in the guest bed.”

In the end, we didn´t purchase any plaster moulds of famous statues because, although they had life sized replica´s of David´s eye, nose, mouth and ear, they didn´t have a copy of his penis.


Anonymous said...

Well Dr J, you are really slipping!!! Even I, an uncultured Aussie, have an apron and teatowel of David, a statue of him by my bed and an ironing board cover of his image that is 1.5 m long. Where his private parts are hit with the metal of a hot iron regularly. Obssessed by the vision of a naked man in marble, probably!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the ironing board cover. Would kill for one!!