Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hey, it´s a natural part of life

Saturday the supercool and cute Matti got back from Chile where he´d been bumming for a month being introduced to the girlfriends family.

In the month he was gone I was responsible for watering the plants and feeding his fish in his studio, which is in a building set up specifically for young artists/companies. The building itself is just ultracool. Its typical Berlin – a four story building with an impressive façade and a large, gated entrance (think of old coach entrances) which goes into a courtyard behind the main building. Then comes another four story building, joined on all sides to the first with ANOTHER entrance arch going through to another courtyard, another building, another arch, another courtyard. I think there are five courtyards in this building, one after the other AND ALL IDENTICAL. It feels a bit like that scene in Matrix 3 where Neo runs from the train station in one direction and ends up running into the train station from the other end. Hang on, I just left here. Can I freak now?

Here is a bad photo of the first courtyard looking at the second building, the entrance to the next courtyard is on the bottom right.

One of the weird things about this place is that there are hundreds of offices/studios filled with all these creative people BUT YOU NEVER SEE ANYONE. At least not during daytime hours. However, when I came to feed the fish on a Sunday evening there was an unbelievable number of people coming and going through the front gate. The corridors were empty but people kept walking in and out through the gate. Spooky.

Last week I first saw signs of business being carried out when loud thumping music started traveling through the walls of his studio as I was watching a shrimp devour one of the fish which had died because the thermostat stopped working and the water got too cold. It turned out that a movie production company had some casting going on down the hall. This is not too unusual I guess, as there are several movie production companies in his building. But I know that on his floor is, amongst others, a PORN PRODUCTION COMPANY.

Oh yes indeedily do.

Unfortunately the group of applicants sitting on the hard wooden chairs in the corridor waiting for their call were all female and clothed, damn it. A lost chance of titillation. Of course I could be wrong. It may have been one of the other production companies.

But maybe not.

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Bugsy said...

Lucky you didn't walk by - they may have lured you into production LOL. Was the music cheesy? any ugly mustached blokes hanging around? LOL p.s. poor fishies