Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just when I want to go, Germany throws something at me that makes me want to stay

The 4th Wok World Championships.

If you haven´t heard of this wonderful sport, well, it´s something you should change now. The history is that in 2003 one of the TV hosts, Stefan Raab, was on a show called Bet This, where he lost. In losing he agreed to go down one of the bobsled courses in a wok.

Thusly was born the sport of wokking. And lo, it was declared that the wokker shall sit in a wok. And he shall strap a ladle to each foot for extra steering power. And he shall set forth down the luge track as fast as he might. And should he reach 90km/h shall The Viewers be pleased.

After his great success in making it down alone and uninjured, Raab decided to start a full Wok World championships. It includes the single wokker as well as the four man wok team. Primarily it´s celebrities who take part, but a couple of real lugers are also there, like the world champion Georg Haeckl.

How can you not love it?


Susan said...

This is hilarious. I wish I'd know about this when I lived where there was a luge track. Oh, the possibilites for fun? mayhem? injury.

Claire said...

Is it wierd that I was happy that there is a new "Wok" champion?? We flipped between the Woks and the German Superstars. It was definitly NOT an evening of high culture but after a large homemade martini, it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go for a nice long wok.