Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The land of my forefathers

Early tomorrow morning DrH and I are off to London for a long weekend. I´m going to give into my not-so-secret obsession and spend two days at Stitch 2006, including a day of classes with people like Tracy Franklin. DrH is tossing up whether to come along with me or not - I think he´s caught between the idea of being almost the only guy in a room of hundreds of woman, and the fact that most of these woman are over the age of fifty. It´s a tough call. I´m exceedingly interested in what wins out: subconcious ego or realistic expectations.

So I won´t be around until Monday. This means that no-one has to sit on Skype or Messenger waiting for me and don´t expect any emails answered. Oh and anyone who´s been trying to call my mobile phone for the past few months- forget it. O2 cancelled my contract and billed me a whopping amount of Euro´s for a mistake THEIR billing department made and I´ve now offered the phone to the dog as a chew toy.

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Susan said...

Have fun! I'm totally jealous about the Stitch 2006. It would be a great time.