Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Now why didn´t I think of that

If you haven´t done it before, go check out Google Idol. Now.

Go on. I´ll wait.

Right. Now why didn´t I take part? That would´ve been perfect! We already have my fantastic performance of Lisa Stansfield´s Been Around the World as evidence of my skill in musically humiliating myself.

Some do-it-yourself boy band here in Germany has done something similar, getting far too much exposure, this blog entry included. Aside from the almost unbelievably bad attempts at keeping in tune, the turkish-german accents are rather hefty.

At least they admit they know they sound like shit. But they don´t give a shit as they´re now famous.

And that´s all that kids want to grow up to be these days.

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Claire said...

Ugh! They have even gotten a record contract! Can you believe? I had on "Punkt 9" or "Explosiv," one of those RTL promi things, and they were talking about those kids as if they were genius. Um . . . this is just more data proving that Germans have little taste in music.