Friday, March 31, 2006

One to beam up

I´ve done it! I´ve managed to finish the latest Harry Potter which I´ve been carrying from place to place since last October when the German version came out. Yes, I´ve read them all so far in German as my one attempt to improve my second language. The only problem is that it takes almost 6 months for the German version to come out and by that time EVEYONE ELSE HAS TOLD YOU THE PLOT. Hence the time delay in reading a book to which I already knew the ending. DrH is rubbing his hands in glee that he is finally allowed to start it. The past few months have consisted of me slapping his fingers away from the cover everytime they strayed across the table to where the book has been sitting looking at me with disappointment written clearly on every side. But in this house I have dibbs on Harry Potter. ME. Mwaaaahhhaaaahh.

DrH is slowly turning into the sci fi/fantasy fan I always wanted. I know it will never reach the extremes of a born and bred sci-fi fan, but it´s step into understanding why I enjoy watching actors prance around in stupid makeup, making stupid comments in even stupider storylines. Why this is a fundamental part of me. Why I am a nerd. He started slowly with Harry Potter, I then got him addicted to Terry Pratchett (we now have all books except the Truckers series and guess what I have to order on Amazon today?). He loved Douglas Adams and gobbled up Jasper Fforde. He´s even broken his teeth on Ursula le Guin. And while I´d love to throw an Ian Banks at him, I´m frightened that step will prove a little too large for the moment.

But I was still amazed that last night as I was watching Stargate SG-1, and he was ironing shirts next to me, he turned around and said “It´ll be an alien that´s infiltrated and is passing himself off as a human with some kind of technology thing.”

He´s not quite there yet, but now he´s paying attention.


kilowatthour said...

i love it! the more sci-fi converts the better, i say.

i have yet to get through the first harry potter in german. i also bought the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy in german, which i thought would be an excellent primer. sadly, my german is mostly dried up through disuse.

who is this ian banks? dare i ask?

Dr J. said...

Might help if I spelt his name right! Iain Banks writes fiction under that name (most famously The Wasp Factory, but one of the best I think is The Bridge, although I haven´t read them all yet). He writes sci-fi under the name Iain M. Banks. In that is a series of Culture novels, starting with Consider Phlebas, but personally I like the stand alones the most. The Algebraeist is fantastic (although in parts difficult to read) and at the moment I´m reading Against A Dark Background.

I started Harry Potter 1 without touching the English version as I knew I´d never do it otherwise. It took me 8 months to finish it because I was too lazy to work at it. It´s tough when reading has been something so easy all your life, to fight through a book. Now it´s quite a bit easier, but of course still not so unthinkingly simple as reading english.

pinkfem said...

Can't wait for the next Harry Potter. to come out.

glenda said...

Hi, there. Me either. Although Hermione is almost getting too old for the part.

Susan said...

Hout about some Zelazny? Also, I'm not sure I understand the comment about Hermione begin too old for the part. Care to share?