Thursday, March 09, 2006

This 23 seconds of fame puts me in 7 seconds of debt for the rest of my life

As you can see from my bloglist on the left, I´m a reader of Wil Wheaton´s blog and listen to his podcast when punishing my body in the gym. He asked for people to send along bumpers for the podcast – short advertising thingies and so I did. Really not expecting him to play it at all BECAUSE HE NEVER ANSWERED MY FANMAIL.

Dear Wil,

You are really cool. My friends think Star Trek´s for nerds, but I really like it. I wish I was on Star Trek too. What´s it like to be an actor? Do you have to wear make up like my mum? Is Patrick Stewart cool? All my friends think he´s hot for an old guy, but he looks EXACTLY like my father and now when any of my friends come around my Dad has to say “Engage” and make the hand movement. It´s kinda embarrassing. If you ever come to Australia, I can show you around and take you to Bell´s Beach so you can see it is NOTHING like in Point Break. And we don´t say “death on a stick” either. And you can tell my Dad that he´s nowhere near as cool as Patrick Stewart.


Ok, so I sent it fifteen years late. BUT STILL.

If you´d like to hear the bumper it´s on Radio Free Burrito Episode 7 at about the two minute mark. If you don´t recognise the music EVEN AFTER THE WINTER OLYMPICS, it´s the German National Anthem which Sarah Connor got famously wrong at a soccer match, singing "Brew in light of this happiness" instead of "Blossom in the glow of this happiness".


Susan said...

Nice Bumper!

Marcus said...

Bloody hell

Clair said...

Hi! I came over here because of WWdN and Radio Free Burrito. A bit late, but here, nonetheless...

Great bumper! :)