Thursday, March 16, 2006

When your life is in danger, stay clear of the German coast

This has been making the rounds. Thanks Chris for sending it on! I laughed so hard I banged my head on the keyboard.


Morton T Fogg said...

(What's a translation on the first part? "This is my sector, this is the radar thingie ... etc")

Dr J. said...

"This here is my sector."
"This is the most important instrument in the Coast Guard...survival radar."

I particulary like the way he accents Ɯberlebens (survival).

Claire said...

I know this! I use it as an example of why people should take my English classes. My students actually don't have the "th" problem so much as I am giving the all terrible American accents.

Susan said...

I thought this was very funny so I sent it along to my mother (a German teacher at a university) and she enjoyed it a great deal. Thanks for the pick me up.

On the terrible American accent front, when I was younger we had a friend from Cuxhaven stay with us for a while and when she went back her English teacher was horrified at "what we had done to her." Oopsy!

Dr J. said...

I have a friend here who speaks almost flawless English, but with a reasonable American accent. He was hosting a British professor who turned around to him and said "Yes, your American is quite good but your English needs a bit of help."