Friday, March 10, 2006

Yes, it was ZERO points in the Pub Quiz music round

Q1. Which musician left their $2.5 Million instrument in the back of a taxi in NY in 1999?

It´s gotta be a violin. I can´t think of any other instrument which would be THAT expensive.

Know any violinists?


Anne- Sophie Mutter´s the only famous one I can think of. I´ll just put that down.

Maybe it was Yoyo Ma. You know, the cellist guy.

But come on, you´d notice a cello in a taxi.


A. Yoyo Ma

Q2. Who made his professional debut as the opening act for John Lee Hooker in 1961?

Dunno. Blues guitarist?

Like I´d know. Willie Nelson. Or the blind guy.

Ray Charles?

Yeah. Did you see the film? It´d have to be in that.

Nope. How about Eric Clapton?


A. Bob Dylan

Q3. At what age did Jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin die?


That´s a bit young isn´t it?

They WERE young.

Yeah but not that young. It´d be more like 27 or something.

You know how pissed you´re going to be when it´s 24.

Ok, so fill 24 back in then.

A. 27

Q4. Who recorded Crazy Horses in 1972?

Neil Young.


Well his band is Crazy Horse or something.


A. The Osmonds.

Q5. In the UK, how many album sales gets a Gold Disk – 100K, 400K, 500K or 1 million?

It’s a different system to the German one.

Well platinum´s got to be higher and that’s, what, probably a million?

So lets put 500 000. That´s not many records for the British Pop Industry anyway.

A. 100 000

Q6. What was the very first pop music video?




Buddy Holly.



A. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody.

Q7. What instrument has a comb and a reed plate?

It´d be a blow instrument – what do you call them. Like the Oboe. What´s that in English?

Oboe. But I don´t think so. Let me think about it.

Come on, come on, come on.

It´s not something obvious. Like none of the wind instruments. A reed PLATE isn´t a reed.

What is a reed?

You know, like the plant that they use on the roofs of really old houses.


Look it´s not Oboe, but I can´t think what it is. Something more obscure.

Well I´m leaving Oboe.

A. Harmonica

Q8. Name the beardless member of ZZ-Top.

Do you know ANY member of ZZ-Top?


A. Frank Beard.

Q9. What band was originally called Feedback?


Would you stop with the Beatles? Did the word exist then?

Course it did. Pretty stupid name though.

Hang on, you´ve written Beatbag. It´s FEEDBACK.




It´s probably like U2 or something.

I´ll just fill in Beatles.

A. U2

Q10. Name the song and performer of “The road is long, with many a winding turn.”

I can sing it. It was from an ad.

Is that really it, or are you just making that up?

NO, THAT´s THE SONG. But I only know those words.


A. The Hollies. He ain´t heavy, he´s my brother.

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Meegan said...

LOL :) I'm sitting at my pc giggling away at the antics!

So my quiz team isn't the only one that procrastinates for so long that you've actaully stated the correct answer several times, but always seem to record something totally different :)