Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dreaming Mr Black

This morning DrH got up ultra-early to be at work, meaning of course that through his rising, showering and dressing routine I snored on oblivious, semi-waking only to groan at the instructions of his highly complex and accurate alarm clock system involving three seperate clocks and a phone. Sometime between clarification of The Inbuilt Safety Devices (Government Tested and Approved) and Step Three Sub-clause B: What To Do In The Case Of A Random Meterological Event Causing Interference With The Atomic Clock Standardisation Program, I fell into a dream involving an old friend.

Now I haven´t seen Mr Black in six years, and even then we had been drifting apart in the manner of people who were suddenly getting regular sex and didn´t need those stand-by friendships which ensured company at the movies - because heaven forbid that you sit in a dark room of complete strangers, where you can´t converse, interact or even look at each other, ON YOUR OWN. So it was wonderful to see him again and it seems he has replaced his previously rather full beard with a far more artsy goatee of surprising length. I was fully enjoying our conversation involving sex-life, unusual living arrangements and asparagus recipes when the first of the alarms went off. This I managed to quickly dispel it with the Emergency Snooze Button (Feature #3859: Nine More Minutes of Bliss) and had just explained to him the latest book idea based on The Second Moment of Z (to which he answered, and I quote, “Brilliant.”) when DrH´s Backup Device Number Two: Annoyingly Shrill Alarm Slightly Out Of Arm´s Reach began. Employing the Roll and Slap technique I silenced the damn thing, but by then Red Alert Wake-up: Whining Dog Who Needs To Pee was at the door.

I got to work exactly four-and-a-half minutes late and received the disapproving stares of the security guards at the entrance, but really that´s nothing when you´ve had the chance to catch-up with an old friend.

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