Friday, June 09, 2006

And they´re off and kicking

Well today´s the day. Start of the World Cup 2006. Of course you wouldn´t of realised it, what with all the advertising going on here , you´d of thought the World Cup started 3 months ago. By now I´m already well and truly sick of footballs, German flags and pantless stuffed lions.

DrH and I spent about an hour last night deciding what to do for the opening game. First there´s a huge concert in treptow park including SEEED, one of his favourite local hip-hop bands, which will show the game. But we didn´t buy tickets. The there´s the “Fan Mile” which has stopped all traffic between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column for the next month. But that´s too many tourists. Then there´s the local pubs which will show it. But they´re too smoky.

So we´re sitting on the couch watching it. We have the beer, the chips, the frozen pizza. Kick off is in twenty minutes and we´ll be taking bets up till the whistle.

So who´s on that Costa Rica will win 1:0?

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