Saturday, June 17, 2006

She´s off, like a bucket of prawns in the sun

Well Blogger ate my entire post, which was one of extreme wit, fascinating events and belly laughs, and I have no time to try and remember it all now. The summary is: I suck at footy tipping, so will stop now; Yay Australia!; Man, those Swede´s are EVERYWHERE; and Holidays woohoo.

So we leave in about 2 hours. A few days later than planned, but now we have bought all those essential necessary´s for 6 weeks of camping through the Baltic wilderness - a camera, red wine, dog muzzle.... hang on, that sounds like a list for a Baltic porn film.

I found a map online (FROM THE CIA) on which I´ve drawn a rough guess of our route in, but now Blogger´s being an extra bastard and not letting me upload it. I´ll try later. Anyway, we´re making it up as we go along so it´s only rough - we probably will go north through Finland now instead of Norway, and we decided today not to go through Sceczin to Poland but through Frankfurt (Oder). I can´t say how often I´ll update, if at all, but I´ll try. Otherwise talk to you in 6 weeks!



Susan said...

Have fun and take lots of pictures! We expect a full report (with diagrams and laser pointers and stuff) when you return.

Anonymous said...

Gute Nordlandreise wünschen EUch Götz und Ulrike

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays, we are all envious of what the two of you are experiencing. Take care and enjoy,we in Aussie land are eagerly awaiting your next blog.