Thursday, June 08, 2006

When the star pops her head in for a brief visit

I can´t begin to explain how frustrating the last 6 weeks have been. We´ve finally finished moving - it only took A MONTH - and on the weekend handed over the old flat. SOME relief at least.

I´ve now finished my full-time working stint and can go back to the things I´ve been trying to do.

The internet was finally connected yesterday and now I can find out what´s happened in the blogosphere over the last month. Man, I´ve felt cut off from the world.

The new flat is one giant pile of boxes.

And we´re leaving next week on holiday!

I wanted to post about this trip earlier but the abovementioned problems, and the uncertainty of whether or not we would actually go because of them, got in the way. We´re planning on leaving on the 14th (although it may be a few days later), throwing the dog in the VW Bus and heading around the Baltic Sea.

The plan is leave Berlin (just after the start of the World Cup and all those damned football tourists who KEEP STANDING IN THE WAY IN UNDERGROUND STATIONS WITH LARGE MAPS WHILE BERLIN IS TRYING TO WALK AROUND THEM); head quickly across Poland (as we´ve been there a few times already, but maybe I can convince DrH of a 500km detour and go to warsaw, ´cause I´ve never been); skip around the little bit of Russia stuck on the edge o the Baltic (which is a shame as we really wanted to see Königsberg/Kalingrad, but we weren´t organised with visa´s); go up through Lithuania, Lativa and Estonia; a ferry across to Finland (and all it´s trees); drive across the south of it to another ferry to Sweden (to see the really old ship they pulled up from the Stockholm harbour); drive north to enter Norway and head up to the North Cap (to see the 24 hours of sunlight, but we´re a bit worried we won´t make it in time now); back along the coastal fjords of Norway (they give it a lovely baroque feel you know), a ferry to Denmark and then drive back into to Germany.

Or we might go clockwise. We don´t know. We´re making it up as we go along.

Should be fun and I think we need a bit of time away from everyday life and goddamn moving boxes. Speaking of which...

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Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!!! Thank goodness your're back we have all missed you]

Hallelujah, we have all really missed your ramblings, they are very important to all of us who communicate with this whacky Aussie who lives in Germany. Keep in touch on your travels, we want to know where you are.