Monday, July 17, 2006


Well,after 2000km we're in the fjord region.
I won't talk to much about our little detour to the Lafoten ,partly because it was so cloudy we couldn't see any of the famous craggy mountains at all, but mostly because the heaving, rolling ferry gave me such severe seasickness I thought I wasgoing to die. And DrH's olive brown complexion was a decided olive-green and between us we filled at least 5 vomit bags they so helpfully provided.

The one road that exists in northern Norway runs along the coast and then down here there are hundreds of tiny roads winding along fjords - think extreme Ocean Road, multiply the excitement, height, danger and scenic factors by 500 and then lengthen it by a factor of a thousand and you're close. I've had some hairy scenes with these big camperbuses on the way.

Speaking of which- those things SHOULD BE BANNED AND ANYONE DRIVING ONE LOCKED UP FOR THE REST OF THEIR SHORT LIFE. They are as wide as the lane is and spend a lot of timeon curves on the other side of the road and are driven by people who should be in Volvo's with bowling hats on. KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!

Am I a bit touchy on the topic? YES INDEEDILY DO.

We detoured off the main E06 highway (hah! single lane the whole way and in some places only with ferry, but with some nifty tunnels - one 8.6km long) at Trondheim and have headed to Alesund over a couple more ferries and some cool bridges. Today we'll take another ferry to Geiranger fjord and then through small roads and tunnels to Fjaerfjord to touch the glacierwith our bare hands. We have to be in Oslo on Thursday because DrH is flying back to Berlin for a day as Supercool Matti is tying the knot.

Congrats guys, sorry I can't make it!


R2K said...

Hi : )

Tom said...

Hi Girl Wonder. Sounds like an awesome trip, I would love to get up that way myself at some stage.

Looking forward to chatting when you get back.

Say hi to DrH for me.

Anonymous said...

The post card from the top of the world arrived in Aussieland today the 19th. Hope Matti has a wonderful day on Thurs, at sometime tell him I was thinking of him on his wonderful day!! I love all the post cards, thanks, think I'm going to have to line the walls of my loo with them!!!