Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hopping through Hammerfest

It's raining and we're in Hammerfest. We made it all the way up to the North Cape from Helsinki in 4 days which was a hell of a lot of driving. Three hours after we arrived and set up camp it started to rain and didn't stop for another 16 hours. Luckily, about half-time in the World Cup final, the clouds started clearing and so straight after the game (and did you see Zidane? What a cheek! I wouldn't want to get headbutted by a guy that can slam speeding balls into goals with his head) we went to the North Cape itself.

You have to pay an entrance to get out there, which didn't bother us too much as they've spent lots of money on creating drivable roads there. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and about 500 tourists stood there and had their glass of champagne at midnight. We had a dodgy bottle of Australian red we'd bought in Estonia and had to neck it 'cause we'd forgotten the glasses but it was almost the same. Could even phone Australia from the mobile which is just a bit nuts when you think about. By 1.15 am only 10 tourists remained, we'd written postcards to everyone and the sun was on the upward curve again.

We left the next day, somewhat late, and made it to Hammerfest where we've made camp next to the Meridian marker. We're on our way south now onwards towards ALta to see some 400BC rock carvings and see how far we get.

Oh and today I became a member of The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society and got a naff little pin I've stuck in my beanie. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, North Cape how wonderful!!! Can't think of anything more appropriate than necking a bottle of cheap Aussie Red on top of the world. My atlas now has yellow highlighter lines trailing over 4 pages, all the way to Alta. As for being a member of The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society, that's my girl!!!!!

ourmanintokyo said...

Sounds like you're having fun!

When you get back home, check this out. Its a pilot, but I think they are also looking for suggestions and contributions: