Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If you didn´t know I was gorgeous before, you better believe it now.

Friday I spent several hours in a hairdresser pampering myself for my birthday and coming out with the first haircut with style I´ve ever had. Yes, STYLE. It gleamed, it schwinged, it was a banner of sophisticatedliness. People stopped in the street to stare at my new look, asking themselves if I was a celebrity because otherwise HOW ON EARTH COULD I LOOK THAT GOOD.

So you can imagine my shock and horror when after washing it I couldn´t reproduce the look at all. NOT ONE BIT. Somehow a small amount of water and shampoo has turned my awe-inspiring cut into a mop that looks like it was attacked with hand shears. What´s a girl to do? I´ve blown, brushed, fluffed, tossed, moussed, treated, gelled and waxed and it looks worse than ever.

DrH calmed me down last night by INSISTING that I go back to the hairdresser for a wash and dry so that I could find out how it was done this time. And if that doesn´t work, well a wash and blow-dry isn´t that expensive is it? My minimum budget can stretch to that a couple of times a week. Is he just a legend or what?

So I´m heading out now to be made gorgeous again. I´ve seen the otherside, there´s no going back now.


Susan said...

You hit on my biggest reason for not cutting my hair. I'm really not terribly happy with my current non-style, but I haven't had short hair or styled hair in my pre-teen, teen, or adult life. I wouldn't have the first clue where to start. I hope you figure it out because maybe then you can help me!

Megan said...

Happy birthday!