Wednesday, August 02, 2006

To Die, or not to die? Harry, is the question.

Apparently J.K. is getting requests from other authors not to kill off Harry in the last book. This I find a little weird, as I can´t imagine Stephen King himself submitting to the wishes of others instead of dictating his own endings of books.

So now´s the time for the big question: Is Harry going to Die?

Now, personally I don´t think so. My bet is that after all this Neville´s going to be the one to snuff him out and cark it himself in the process. Of course I could be wrong - J.K seems quite upset at the idea of others writing seqels with Harry, so maybe she will kill him just to prevent it.

Or maybe he´ll ride over the sea in a ship with the House elfs, never to be seen again and will prompt a new generation to start plastering signs of Harry Lives! over New York.

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Susan said...

I don't think Harry will die either, I always figured he would end up as the DDA teacher at the end.