Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alien attack

We´ve been inundated here with foreigners. First, a good friend of mine finished her PhD and so both brothers and partners were here for the defence and celebration. As she hasn´t a blog-name yet I´m hereby dubbing her the Mighty Flea. The Mighty Flea slipped a disc 2 weeks before here defence, spent the time in hospital and defended while high on morphine and muscle relaxants. She enjoyed the entire event greatly. So her family stayed with us while she prepared and then packed as she flies back to Oz today.

With a one-way ticket.

I can´t even imagine a one-way ticket anymore.

Hot on the heels of the four family members came Little Bec - eight years my junior and my family´s next door neighbour for most of her life. The last time I looked she was fifteen. She also seemed extremely surprised...I believe the exact quote was "Hey, you´re just like a normal person now!" Apparently ninteen year old Uni students tend to talk of things which eleven year olds don´t find the slightest bit interesting. Or maybe I was just a tosser who tried to show off.

Yes, probably the latter.

I did promise her that I wouldn´t blog about her complete inability to ride a bicylce - despite her initial claims to the contrary - so I won´t.

But watching her stop at traffic lights made me feel like grace itself. And I thank her deeply for this.

Finally, the Mighty Flea herself is now here. Her flat is gone, her belongings sold or shipped, her bag packed and she leaves tonight.

There goes the only close friend I have left here. That´s the hardest thing with the mixture of a scientific life and ex-pats. Friendships are difficult to keep and often short-lived. But the Mighty Flea has been a part of Berlin for 6 years and now she´s leaving me behind.

I think I´ll go and have a little cry.

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