Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bar None

In the old flat I had a bar I´d built to take up a fairly awkward and useless corner. It was great. Shiny black surfaces with bamboo front. It was the home of huge amounts of alchohol which DrH and I never drank, being more partial to sharing a shandy of an evening than hopping into the G&T.

The new flat had no useless corner into which this large construction could fit and we´d decided that we would have to do without until SuperCool Matti also moved and an old piece of furniture needed a new home. It was a cabinet from the 1930´s he´d inherited from the previous renters, who had it from the previous, who...well you get the picture. Dodgy, grungy, it needed a damn good scrub and a loving hand to shine again.

So I scrubbed. And scrubbed. And repainted the inside. And installed lights. And glass hangers. And now it looks like this:

Even my beautiful fruitbowl finally has a home.

And they told me I should dump it.


Ourmanintokyo said...

The cabinet looks great. But I don't know about the fruitbowl... a bit too 80s sci-fi for me!

Tetsuo said...

I love the bowl!!! Can I buy it over the internet, or get it shipped to OZ?

Anonymous said...

And they say that scientists are no good with their hands, what a clever daughter I have!!!!!!!!!! It looks beautiful and I love the luminated fruit bowl!!!

Susan said...

I don't know what it looked like before the scrubbing, painting, and installing of light and glass holders, but...Dude, wow! That look awesome.