Sunday, October 22, 2006

A glorious evening

I have just had a truly wonderful evening with my husband.

First we went to the vernissage of a designer aquaintance, meeting up with SuperCool Matti and wife and then enjoying the bubbly and haute couture.

Then we came home, grabbed a glass of wine and started reading our respective books.

That was three hours ago. I just finished mine.

It was, admittedly, one of those frustrating crime stories that don´t give you the clues, even extraordinarily well hidden, to work it out on your own. That annoys me. I can write a mystery without giving away any clues. What a surprise the ending will be then! In fact, I believe I can write a book starting with a murder, detouring into the intracies of sheep breeding, then coming out at the end with the grand solution and no-one will have seen it coming. That would put me amongst the crime writing greats, wouldn´t it?

DrH is still eight pages from the end of his.

So that was it. Our wonderful evening. It consisted of not much more than silently, but aggressively, reading at each other. With some wine refills.

What more do you need?

During my uni years I used to spend vast amounts of time at the Divine Smem´s house doing little more than reading. In fact, there was one day when she opened the door for me while reading her book, went and sat back down on the couch and continued. I can´t remember what the book was, but it was obviously enthralling. I sat down, pulled out my book and started reading. After about thirty minutes she looked up and said "J!"(this was pre-doc times)"When did you get here! Would you like a cuppa?"

Ahh, the good old days.


Susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful time to me.

Robert said...

I enjoyed Glenkill, not so much for the whodunnit but I found this world of sheepish reasoning very entertaining.

Ourmanintokyo said...

Nice. Here, Ourwomanintokyo reads cookbooks (like, all the time!) while I post comments to blogs like yours.

I'm looking forward to doing some REAL reading while I'm away next month. Any suggestions?

Dr J. said...

Does she then cook, or is it more theoretical? Actually, I can´t really imagine you willing to share the kitchen!

I wish I could say I´ve read some fantastic books recently, with all impressive and literary titles, but I haven´t. It´s been mainly assorted crime, Janet Evanovich and Terry Pratchett. But I´m sure you´d enjoy The Algebraist by Iain Banks,seeing as you loved the Culture ones. Tried anything by Jasper Fforde yet? I must admit to loving them. Today I picked up A Woman In Berlin by Anon (diary from WWII)but I haven´t started yet. Keeping with your favourite city, you have to read Russendisko by Wladimir Kaminer. I haven´t finished Vernon God Little (I got bored) or The Adventures of English (I got pissed at the arrogance within 3 pages - No English is NOT the ultimate goal of language evolution you single language twat), The Bookseller from Kabul was good and The Devil Wears Prada vaguely interesting but not worth the hype (neither for the gossip nor the writing). I finally read The Handmaid´s Tale and loved it and I´m now chilling before bed with The Idiot´s Guide to Bookkeeping. I´m falling asleep much quicker thesedays.

Dr J. said...

Robert: I wrote that post without realising a crime story involving sheep actually existed! I´m going to have to read it now.