Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home, James! And Don´t Spare The Horses!

I´ve finally booked a ticket home. I managed to get a seat on Austrian Airlines which is amazing, really, as they normally book out 6 months ahead. But I got a seat and I´m flying out on....... November 22 already!

And guess when I´m coming back? Go on, you never will...

March 10.

To borrow Susan´s phrase:



Tetsuo said...


Well the mercury is rising, two days of 30+ already! So prepare to hit the beach!!

And I should have submitted the Thesis by then!!

Anonymous said...

Think you can still handle Aussie summers? It is a completely different sun down here... and for 4 mths?!?!? wot-the? howdya get Dr H to agree to that? Is he comming too?
email me girl!

Dr J. said...

Yep I´ve been looking at the temp´s with some trepidation...I´m planning on a very large hat and ice-cream. that should see me though.

Tetsuo: Yay! I´ll bring the champer´s!

As to DrH - well he´ll probably be over in Jan/Feb but as he has a REAL day job his holidays don´t stretch as far as mine.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!!!! At long last your dear old Mum has a date to work towards. I'm sooooo looking forward to you being here.

Susan said...

I leave for home around November 18th! We are only staying until the New Year, but still. Woot! I can't tell you how excited I'm getting, I get antsier by the day. How about you?