Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yes, I do still think about science

I may not blog about science or currently be employed in science (except for occasional stints when DrH´s company outsources stuff to me), but I´m still a trained scientist, married to another and we have Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Methods and Drug Discovery World next to the couch for a bit of light reading.

And I do read some science blogs and comment on them.

The plight of YoungFemaleScientist, her bitterness and sadness about academia, strike a real chord with me as I was exactly there a year and a half ago. Her words could be, verbatim, my own (although probably with better grammer- she´s already told me off for my free form use of English).

Several commenters (myself included) have encouraged her and her readers to think about the alternative career paths offered by industry.

She rejects that instinctively. I must admit I find her reasoning for it not particularly well thought through.

That´s why I posted about the Smaglik Square. Although I doubt if she ever comes here to read it, and I doubt if anyone has linked to it to spread the idea far and wide, maybe it helps one person to think more about their career.

A YFS commenter, yes, I stumbled across recently has written an extremely good post on industry vs academia. Now if only more academics would read it.

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