Friday, November 10, 2006

Super Mega Hammer Geil

This video is a biology geeks dream.

The actin! The motor proteins! The ribosome! Co-translational import! Proteins! PROTEINS!

(I have, of course, a few minor points of contention with the molecular dynamics, but we´ll ignore that for now and just enjoy the visualisation of all the little things that make life work.)


Susan said...

Dude! That's sweet. I used a couple of cell videos when I was teaching, but nothing that cool. Everytime I see something like that, or read about the minute workings of us I am awed anew about the miracle of it all. So many pieces to fit together. I'm not sure many of my family or friends would understand what I'm talking about (not really any sciency types with any great knowledge of biology), but I'm pretty sure you do.

Hey, how's the getting ready to go home going?

kilowatthour said...

that totally made my day, though i wish they had gone with a soundtrack style other than "getting crazy with the synthesizer"

my favorites are the transmembrane proteins. and the microtubules! and, dude-- i am a sucker for transcription/translation. wow. i think i'll watch it again.