Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ahh, yes, hello again

Have you ever noticed that if you don´t ring a friend for a while then you start to feel guilty about it and not sure how to explain not having rung them, so you don´t do it and then it gets even longer and the explanation is even worse and you don´t do it then either and then all of a sudden you run into them in a restuarant with their husband and three kids and you didn´t even know she had started dating again and, oh dear, how do you explain yourself now?

Yep, well, that´s where I am with this blog at the moment.

So I´ve been gone for four months. On the whole there wasn´t terribly much exciting stuff to report and unfortunately most of the funny stories involved people who read this blog and I felt a bit like I´d become one of those boring people who keep repeating the same old three stories because that´s all they´ve had happen in their pathetic lives.

Oh wait, I AM that person already.

So how about we start afresh? I´ll try to think up any amusing stories as I go along, but otherwise, we´ll just pretend this strange absence didn´t occur and go back to being buddies.



ScienceWoman said...

okey dokey

kilowatthour said...

hello and welcome back! i kept the faith, man.

Bugsy said...

welcome back. So - how was your dip down under?