Friday, April 20, 2007

DrJ jets about (again)

I´m off again! Just a short trip. 4 days in Florence staying with Permanent HoliDave and his mates who´ve rented a flat there for a month. If anyone´s interested look on Google Earth (or if you haven´t downloaded it) for Florence; lungarno soderini. That´s the street I´m staying on! Cool, huh?

Oh, and or those that´ve tried to call me in the last two weeks, sorry I haven´t been around. I´m once again on a short contract doing some work at a company here and so I´m at work and in bed early - both useless for trying to get the whole timezone thing worked out with Australia. But that should be over in another 2 weeks and then I´m back to being an out of work bum and can Skype to my hearts content.

Sorry for this highly newsy post. Hopefully Dave will provide me with some tall tale fodder to fill up my depleted blogging reservoirs. If you´re really lucky I may tell you about the horse botherer. But that can wait for another time.

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