Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DrJ´s European Travel Tips for Native English Speakers

1. You are not the only people who understand English.

2. Being a native speaker does not ipso facto make you important.

3. Although there may be a large tourism industry after your money, it does not give you the right to act like an obnoxious twat.

4. You are not the only people who understand English.

5. There is no excuse for being a loud, drunken imbecile. You look just as stupid as you do at home.

6. So the local shop owners English isn´t as good as yours? They´re still at least one foreign language better than you buster.

7. You are not the only people who understand English.

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JB from Reading said...

Different cultures...

Yesterday I was strolling through the town centre of Reading (England) with a colleague from Turkey. The weather was great and there were about 20 English guys in their 20s standing outside a pub enjoying their pint. Two girls passed by. One guy took the opportunity and patted both of them on their bums. That, of course, brought about a chorus of jubilation within the group. Interestingly, the girls started to giggle. Apparently, they felt flattered. My surprised Turkish colleague commented that in the same situation in Istanbul, the guy would have been badly punished, and, if the girls' brothers had been around, it would have been bloodshed.

I think it would make England less interesting if all English people behaved like gentlemen!