Sunday, April 01, 2007

Okay USA, you may think you´re up there with Sanjaya but Germany whipped your arse YEARS ago

Just so you know, I stopped being involved in reality TV years ago. But how do you ignore the Sanjaya effect throughout the internet?

So now I will take a moment to introduce the non-German audience to Germany´s Sanjaya, a young man by the name of Daniel Kublbock who caused many schnitzel-eating citizens to battle vainly to hold onto their potato-heavy lunches.

As you are no doubt aware, the wonderful world of modern media ensures that there is no such thing as a unique TV show. The Office has been remade in at least 3 countries, Ugly Betty´s name was Lisa when it started here several years ago under the guise of Verliebt in Berlin and don´t get me started on that guessing game for grownups called Deal or No Deal. So American Idol also has it´s Australian Idol as well as it´s Norwegian (we all remember the Hobbit) and in Germany it´s called Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar (or "Germany Searches for the Superstar").

To cut a long rant short here we have some priceless Daniel Kublbock moments:

1. The original audition

2. Another Day in Paradise (truly, a must hear)

3. Unchained Melody (yep it gets better)

4. Satisfaction (I certainly can´t get no)

This guy made it to third place AND got a record deal. A year later he also brought out his autobiography, which, thrilling reading though I´m sure it is, I still haven´t gotten around to.

So just in case you were thinking Sanjaya is something special, even in a slit my own throat kind of way, I just wanted you to know that it´s a been there, done that and we REALLY don´t have to see it all again.


Anonymous said...

whats with the other videos?
born in bavaria live

koenig vom deutschland

tv show


new song coming soon
nice guy on cover

Dr J. said...

I didn´t want to overdo it, so I just focused on the DSDS/Idol songs.

And it´s amazing what makeup, soft lighting and careful pose can do. I should know.

Susan said...

Oh my.

Bill said...

Welcome back! Very glad to hear from you again.

Bill said...

Oh, sorry, I neglected to say:

Annie Lennox.

Makes everything better.