Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision Part 2

Act 6. F.Y.R. Macedonia
Artist: Carolina Language: Macedonian? Do they have their own language? and English
That´s a really awkward name for a country don´t you think? Every announcer has lost precious TV seconds saying "The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia". She has a wind machine, badly costumed backup singers and says "Nay,nay,nay" a lot. SHe´ll get a lot of votes from the East

Act 7. Slovenia
Artist: Alenka Gotar Language: Her Own! I´ve stopped guessing- Slovenian?
She´s an opera singer! I´m impressed. Hangon, she´s now got a light in her palm tha´s lighting up her face in the dark. Bit tacky really. But man, what a voice. I liked her.

Act 8. Hungary
Artist: Magdi Rüsza Language: English
Its a blues act and she´s wearing jeans, a white top and is barefoot. Respect. Something kinda Janis Joplinish in her voice. I like this one, might even get a vote from me.

Act 9. Lithuania
Artist: The 4Fun Language: English
This is a kinda cool classical-type guitar group with a female lead. Quite Latin American sounding. No stage show at all. Thank God. I know the Ukraine act is coming so I need a bit of mental preparation beforehand.

Act 10. Greece
Artist: Sarbel Language: English
It sounds like the Turkish winners from a couple of years ago. Hangon what´s with these nasally guys today? He sounds flat and nasal and his costume designer should be shot. Does he think he has breasts or something with that shoulder shake? Give it up, mate, you´re not Shakira.

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