Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision Part 3

Act 11. Georgia
Artist: Sopho Language: English
She´s got a great voice and the song seems quite Björk crossed with Chemical Brothers. Actually it sounds a bit like Madonna´s ray of Light now that I think about it.Plus she´s got some background Kossack dancers, something I love to watch. I like this a lot.

Act 12. Sweden
Artist: The Ark Language: English
Glam Rock. Nope, just looked like it. But it sounds like a cover of something from the 70´s (DrH thinks it´s a Xmas song for some reason). Oh, the guitarist just winked at me! It´s really just like watchng a 70s film clip. I think they´re trying the relive the high years of ABBA´s supremacy.

Act 13. France
Artist: Les Fatals Picards Language: Frenglish
Funky/pop with a lot of pink. I like it. DrH is wiggling his bottom in time to it while he irons. Thankfully tonight without the leather pants on. Maybe they´ll get a vote from me too! So cute!

Act 14. Latvia
Artist: Bonapartily Language: Latvian? It might have been Italian!
Its a male sextet with a very classical sounding song. Wonderful voices. Whoa, glad that guy can sing ´cause his face is fricking scary. I love male voices raised in song and these guys are beautiful to listen to.

Act 15. Russia
Artist: Serebro Language: English
Young pop group, apparently their first public performance together. How can that be? Russian Idol? Doesn´t that bring across a different iconography? They´re dressed like students crossed with nuns. That´s got a get a few votes. Pretty girls,, reasonable voices. Just another pop song. Taste My Cherry Pie indeed. Russia embraces capatilism.

Act 16. Germany
Artist: Roger Cicero Language: German, last verse in English
Okay, I´ve seen this guy all week. He does swing and the song is called "Women Rule the World". Classic white suit. I do have a soft spot for swing and I quite like the song. Although I think he could´ve gotten his name LARGER in lights. Surely 4metres wasn´t the height limit.

Act 17. Serbia
Artist: Maria Serifovic Language: Serbian
Wow, that´s unusual. A woman dressed in a suit, overweight, very short hair and heavy rimmed glasses. Unusual for this contest. A great voice. All her background singers are tall and beautiful women in suits. It´s giving me goosebumps actually. She REALLY has a great voice.

Act 18. Ukraine
Artist: Verka Serduchka Language: German/English
Okay, this is the Ukrainian version of Dame Edna. Its shrill and ugly and he/she´s just counting in German! I bet this will win. My god, it´s horribe.

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