Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision (Part, umm 4, I think)

Act 19. United Kingdom
Artist: Scooch Language: English
I hope they´re a children´s entertainment group! Oh, god I hope it. These guys are going to be last. It´s called "I´m flying the flag for you" and they´re dressed like stewardesses. Why oh Why do you do it to yourself England? We know you have wonderful musicians there. Why not let Keane come? Man, the Wiggles are better.

Act 20. Romania
Artist: Todomondo Language: All of them I think!
They´ve gone for the "nifty act", six guys singing in six different languages. It´s interesting, but won´t get far.

Act 21. Bulgaria
Artist: Eliza & Stoyan Language: Bulgarian
I have a soft spot for Bulgaria. I can say How are YOu? I am Well, and you? Vey well thank you! in Bulgarian. I´m quite proud of that. They´re drumming. And I think there´s a Didgeredoo in there somewhere. Actually it sounds like YothuYindi with a female lead and a heavy bass line.

Act 22. Turkey
Artist: Kenan Dogulu Language: English
It´s a turkish Ricky Martin song. He´s not a pretty 20-something with a six pack, which is refreshing, but his voice is crap. So´s the song. Think I´ll go into the other room and grab another glas of wine.

Act 23. Armenia
Artist: Hayko Language: English
Its a ballad, which is a really bad choice for the Eurovision. Its okay so far, nothing to write home about. Nope. Its a nothing entrant.

Act 24. Moldova
Artist: Natalia Babu Language: English
Is she actually playing that violin? Bit more of a stage act. A rock act with that violin background. The song is Evanesence inspired but her voice isn´t as good. It´ll do reasonably well in the voting.

So that was it. We´ll now call in and vote (20 minutes to do it). I hope they haven´t shortened the reading out of the points cause that´s really the best of it all.

I´m going to vote for Slovenia, Hungary, Georgia, France and Serbia. We can´t vote for Germany.


Dr S said...

Hey, the sterward/ess thing is at least different.....

The Newly-weds from Hamburg

Dr J. said...

Yeah, try and save face for your country. Not gonna work y´know ;)