Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest AS IT HAPPENS (Part 1)

Here goes a bit of an experiment. I´m going to blog the Eurovision Song Contest as it happens. A bit of a note about the scoring. Every country can ring in and vote for their favourites. Because of how many Eastern countries are present, and how they all vote for each other, it´s highly unlikely that a wetern European country will win. Austria, Switzerland (the famous DJ Bobo) and the Netherlands have already been voted out in the semifinal yesterday.

We´ve opened with the film clip of last years hard rock winners. I bet no one would´ve imagined this in the years of ABBA. Can they get anymore CGI flames or bad makeup in there?

Act 1. Bosnia and Herzogovina.
Artist: Maria Language: Her own (what IS spoken there? How´s that for ignorance!)
Dead set loser. A ballad, she´s wearing a green tea cosy and her background dancers are just standing there waving their arms. Ok now we´ve got an accompanying lute player in a funny cap. This may increase the votes.

Act 2. Spain
Artist: D´Nash Language: Spanish with half English catchphrase
It´s a boyband in white. Man I hope they lose. They´ve got a bit of hip swing - I wonder if they came out of an Idol TV show? They´re shouting Hey!Hey!Hey! just a bit too much. I think we can safely assume they´ll be getting no votes from the Eastern Bloc.

Act 3. Belarus
Artist: Koldun Language: English
The start is very James Bond theme-ish. My god he has a horribly nasal voice. Maybe he´s got a cold? DrH just pointed out that his shirt is very open ut the background dancers are buttoned to the throat. This will lose them points with the male voters. The whole song is just a bit too slow, and it could probably do with more lyrics than the one line that keeps getting repeated.

Act 4. Ireland
Artist: Dervish Language: English
OH MY GOD SHE`S FLAT! Sorry, if they get a vote I´ll be upset. Even if it is a song about the Prague Spring. But overdosing on Irish pubs in the past hs made me very twitchy whenever Irish folk music starts.

Act 5. Finland
Artist: Hanna Language: English
Okay, its Rock and I think she likes Morticia. Yep, another Goth band from Finland. But then we did notice in Helsinki last year that really the radio ONLY plays hard rock/heavy metal.

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