Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Looky, she´s trying to be clever!

I´ve decided to put my skills to the test and try to customize this site. Yes, it´s not very good is it. No, I´m not going to change it back. I´ll see if i have the energy to update the header at various stages in the future, and ry and produce one without the graininess, but for now this is what you get.

I was considering putting Google Adsense on, but I guess I´d need every visitor to click on 3 ads every time they come here of rit to bring me anything, so you´re saved from that for now.

Hey, I´m without a full-time job at the moment. Every little bit helps when you´re doing only freelance work.

Anyway, feel free to whinge and gripe about the new look.

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