Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Here are a few more photos. These are from 2 weeks ago when Permanent HoliDave was staying with us and we went on a day trip to Potsdam.

This is Einstein´s Tower, which is in the science park in Potsdam. Theres a number of observatories in the grounds and it´s quite a bit out of the way. It was built for Einstein to help prove some theories and has been the site of some of the most important sun research. Einstein called it organic. We called it pretty cool and rather hobbity.

The Neue Palais. One of the many palaces in Potsdam Apparently the Prussian kings liked to spend their summers down here, and it just would not do to use a second-hand palace.

Schloss Sansoussi, Potsdam´s little Versailles rip-off. But very pretty.

Permenet HoliDave and I outside Cecilienhof, location of the Potsdam Conference, where the post-WWII treaties were decided and signed.

Finally, the following day back in Berlin we visited the Russian memorial in Treptower Park, which commemorates the all Russians who died fighting the Germans in WWII. DrH, DrJ, Leon Dog Wonder and Permanent HoliDave enjoying the festive atmosphere:


Ourmanintokyo said...

Mr Holidave really does have the best nickname. My friends just call me 'Hey, you!'

Dr J. said...

He does doesn´t he? He´s been living out of a suitcase for 5 years, so it describes him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't the dog have legs?

Dr J. said...

Because he´s a mutant mongrel. My theory is he´s at least part basset, which would explain th length, the freakishly short legs and the loose skin.