Friday, May 11, 2007

Quiz me baby, one more time

Last night was the fortnightly pub quiz, which has taken on a slightly different tone in the months I was in Australia. Rather than the Anglo/sport/film heavy quiz in the Irish pub, it´s now a very German/Berlin oriented quiz in a little local bar. but the quiz mistress remains the same, as do a lot of the regulars.

Last night DrH didn´t join me as he had a business dinner. In a 5 star restuarant where the little bits of food were delicately arranged and joined artistically with thin swirls of sauce. Such suffering. I feel for him I really do. I was joined by our usual teammate Matthias and managed to coerce Neil and Mark, usually the core of our biggest competitors to join us for the evening. We then grabbed a new ring-in, Markus and thought all was set. I mean, with our team (often called Alien Ted, but has also run under the name of You Suck Chad, The Other Leading Brand and, in it´s Australian manifestation, Horse Worrying Is Not Love) combined with the might of the two worthiest members of Bottom Of the Class, we thought we were unbeatable. It didn´t hurt out odds that there was only one other team playing.

Well, the first round Food and Drink, with such questions as "What kind of fruit is an Uva?" put us one point behind the opposition. Round Two, Literature, was saved by Markus who knew quite obscure stuff, although I did manage to get a good one in with the name of the book upon which the movie Cabaret was based (Goodbye to Berlin). However we lost another point and were trailing by two.

The third round was a new one and involved charades. I started it off with an impressive impersonation of Arnold Schwarzneggar, and after 5 questions each we were tied. The best was 7 seconds for us to guess that Matthias was the Queen. Round Four was general knowledge and led to a lively debate over who was in charge of Jeruselum in 26 A.D. Most of us were for Pontius Pilate, but there were some good points made about Herod´s son Herod and whether he had overall control and...well we stuck with PP and got the point. We gained one point on them in that round, so only one behind.

The final round was geography and included "What country has the number plate sign UA?" (we liked Uganda, Uraguay and Usbekistan, but it was the Ukraine) and "What´s the third largest island in the world?(not including Oz)", which was Borneo and we didn´t get it. But knowing that it is Antarctica which has 8.9% of the world´s land surface won us the evening, and as glorius victors, we went home with the pot.

10 Euro divided amongst 5 players. Yep, that was well worth it.

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