Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jack and Jill went up the hill

I´m back! A quick recap of the first part of my sojourn abroad.

I met OurManInTokyo in Frankfurt for about 36 hours of solid drinking. This is him at about lunchtime- AS WE STARTED.

Jetlag can be a killer. We recreated the pub crawl of three years ago through Sachsenhausen, albeit this time with more Caipirinia´s. Gotta love the Caipi´s. Surprisingly (well, to me at least) he pulled up much better than I did the next day:

At this point in time I´d managed 3 mouthfuls of my brunch and couldn´t go any further. But Mr ICouldn´tEatAllThis!WeHaveMuchSmallerServingsInTokyo! not only polished off his meal but the rest of mine as well.

After the Caipi marathon, OurManInTokyo popped off to Tübingen for a photography workshop where he apparently recovered, although didn´t cheer up it seems. Ahh yes, coming down off the whirlwind social scene that is Time With DrJ. How can you follow that, really?

Next we have sunny Cheltenham, land of the rolling cheese:

Did I suggest I may take part in this ancient festival of bravery? I don´t think so. No, couldn´t possibly have. After seeing that hill....I´m sorry, but are you all INSANE?

That is a 1:1 slope. 50%. There were concussions. There were broken bones. And we haven´t even started talking about the competitors yet. Apparently in one recent event the 20lb cheese came barrelling down the hill, slipped around the barrier and smashed into the leg of an innocent bystander, breaking it in three places.

There was a reason so many people started drinking the night before. I don´t think most felt the uncontrolled fall.

One last quick snap of everyone climbing UP to take part in the next race (there were 4 I think).

Here´s 1-Degree Grant and I. I think we bear a striking resemblance to his slightly more famous cousin and wife. Whaddya reckon?

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing holiday snaps. Nice to put a face to OurmaninTokyo. So Grant, did you become a cheeseball? Thank goodness I raised a daughter with brains, that was one really serious cheese rolling hill!!!!!! I'm impressed with the tent attached to the Bulli, when do you add the 2nd story DRH????