Wednesday, June 20, 2007

let´s see how many search hits reach this page now

In my new role as wannabe writer (WW), I´ve been researching various markets, groups, newsletters, chat boards, you name it I´ve popped my uncomfortably large nose in at some point recently. While perusing the ebooks available to help WW´s (and, I cynically assume, help the pay checks of others) on one particular site I came across this one:

It's a Dirty Job: Writing Porn for Fun and Profit

It´s a widely known secret that I think I could write a bodice-ripping Mills and Boon. In fact I´ve gotten a few chapters into two of them already. Personally, I reckon a few well placed love swords make any work of fiction into a masterpiece.

So you can imagine my surprise that my recent (and very serious, not titillating in the slightest, no, definately not) research has shown that these series romance books are heading rapidly for full on porn. Gone are the 'hot steel of his lust' and the 'damp secret of her desire'. Nope now it´s full on raging hard-ons slamming orifices left, right and centre.

Now, I ask you, where´s the poetry in that? The beauty, the prose, the coquettishness? The challenge for a skilled word-smith to describe sex in detail without ever using a word that couldn´t be brought up in a normal dinner conversation?

I´m not saying I couldn´t rise to the new demands of a modern reader´s preferences. In fact, I think I could do pretty well at it. Now that I don´t have to stretch my imagination to new and interesting descriptions of phalli. Maybe I should get the ebook after all.

You know, I´m young. And I need the money.

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