Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh, the ARM thing!

As you can see by my Flickr account, I´ve been taking some photos recently which are of a slightly higher quality than they used to be. I´d like to say that this is because I´ve become a better photographer, but it´s actually because SuperCool Matti sold me one of his old pro digital cameras. In this case the equipment maketh the woman.

I took the camera with me in the Grunewald when we walked the dog yesterday. I spent a happy hour and a half snapping hundreds of things which I thought looked interesting and running after DrH, to whom I stupidly said "No, don´t wait for me, I´m just fooling around. You go on." I made a lot of photos of him disappearing into the distance.

Now, back when I was at Uni I had a boyfriend called Patrick. Aside from being one of the most charming smooth talkers I´ve ever had the pleasure to meet, his other great claim to fame was the ability to lift our not insubstantial combined weights on a single arm. I don´t think I need to go into that in too great detail, but suffice to say that he has been forever immortalized amongst my friends as "Oh, the ARM thing." Somewhere in our very short, albeit athletic, relationship he shared with me his father´s concise but informative introduction to sex:

Boy, you better learn to take all your weight on your wrists.

Now after lugging that camera around the forest for a while I´m beginning to sympathise with all guys whose fathers didn´t put them into training at age 13. My wrists are killing me. I think I need to strap them. Before I wander out to take photos again I´m going to invest in some highly technical carrying equipment. Like a caddy. Preferably a young and sexy one. With strong wrists.

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