Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the pencil is mightier than....

That wrist pain I complained about last week hasn´t gone away. I think I may have RSI/Carpal Tunnel/tendonitis/something for all the typing I´ve been doing on the world´s next blockbuster Harlequin romance. I`ve started bandaging it for a bit of support, which works wonders, but the only way to make sure it´s held tightly enough is to either make it so tight that my fingers turn blue or stick a few pencils in it to act as a splint.

I went to bed with it on last night and, rolling over, managed to jam the pencils into DrH´s side.


"Oops, sorry."

"The woman with pencils strikes again"...dramatically lowered voice..."Don´t worry, if Pencil Woman had wanted you dead, you would be!"

"I´m going to blog that you know."

"Oh, yes. PLEEEASE."

"I mean it."

"Should I go and get some paper so you can write it down before you forget?"

"Don´t worry, I´ll remember this one."


Susan said...

Perhaps you should consider craft (popsicle) sticks for your splint? Much less pointy, which is good for those who sleep in your vicinity. But your Pencil Woman vignette was quite funny so maybe not.

Dr J. said...

Popsicle sticks would be a clever idea. Of course then I´d have to fit another letter onto my superhero outfit and I´d just got the PW to look really good...