Friday, June 22, 2007

So I´m not as hard-core as I thought

Apparently the word 'sex'is enough to turn me from general viewing to PG-rated, although they didn´t pick up on 'love sword' or 'phalli'. Which goes to show that the bodice-rippers would certainly be considered good for a young audience, just as I had always thought.

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date my soul said...

Does your husband know you've got a fairly boring life? Seat him down and bring him back to knowledge,thats why u r together.I think he cannot recall when he used to play with Tom at the back of the house when their were five.Pretty interesting to find you in a dating arena,

Dr J. said...

What do you mean, bring him back to knowl.... Ohhhh you´re a spammer.

Piss off.

Adam4Adam said...

Lol way too funny ;)