Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ticked Off

Summers come round again and that can only mean one thing – Ticks! Yay! Those ugly, crawling bugs with tiny wriggly legs and heads stuck on the end of a bloated, blood-filled sac have invaded the country and my nightmares once again.

I´ve been paranoid about ticks since moving to Germany. They weren´t on my list of known dangerous creatures and I didn´t know how to deal with them. Sure give me a redback, huntsman, brown snake and march fly and I´m all there, I´m over it, I so TOTALLY know how to deal with those suckers. But a tick? Those little things which lurk unseen in grass and, to the best of my knowledge, take dive bombs out of trees on unsuspecting passersby? They´re scarier than drop bears. These things will spend ages crawling all over you before they decide to bury their head somewhere in your flesh and suck your blood AND YOU DON`T EVEN FEEL THEM DOING IT. That´s just sick, man.

Since owning a dog I´ve had to learn how to treat the little bastards. Luckily this far north the wonderful associated diseases like boreolis aren´t much of a problem, so all I have to do is get them out. I´ve bought special tick tweezers. I´ve learnt the spin and pull procedure to get them out heads and all. I´ve stopped shuddering when looking at their freakishly little body parts compared to their giant abdomen. Well, almost stopped.

Until I dropped my jeans at Rock am Ring to use the facilities and discovered one hanging off my knee.

It was out within minutes. It´s body was flat and empty so it obviously had barely started. But still. I´ve been feeling like tiny creatures have been crawling over me all week. I go to bed at night and have to keep putting the light on because THERE! That was one! It had to have been a crawling biting thing! I could feel it! No? Hmm. Now THAT was one! I´m sure of it!

This week I´ve taken six of them out of the dog. None on me yet, not since the camping incident. But it´s just a matter of time. Oh yes, I´m playing with fire walking through the forest of an evening. Fire I tell you, with nasty tiny bitey parts.

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Susan said...

I now have a serious case of the heebie jeebies.