Monday, June 25, 2007

to prove I wasn´t making it up

when I posted that my eyes are a different colour above the pupil than below. In high school they both cut off in a definate 1/3 arc which was really cool. Now the relative percentages of green versus hazel changes occasionally, but the colour difference is still there. Click on it to make it bigger if you can´t see what I mean.


Jan said...

Realy cool! I have never seen such eyes before!

Dr J. said...

Jan, you´ve seen them every time we´ve met over the last 6 years!

Jan said...

hahaha lol, but as Becca's partner, fiancee and husband I did not concentrate on any girls' eyes! Just yesterday I got my decree nisi and plop, the world has changed :-) I look forward to seeing your eyes in person when we meet up again.