Tuesday, July 31, 2007

delving again into the former east

DrH and I made a last minute decision to escape for the weekend and so threw stuff into the Bulli and took off for the Baltic Sea. There´s something to be said for having a car in which you are fully self sufficient.

We stayed near Greifswald (translation: Gryphonforest, and if that just doesn´t tickle your Harry Potter fancy then I don´t know what will), ate bbq and french toast (although not at the same time) and got to enjoy the best of former-East campsite hospitality (taking your own toilet paper to the toilets). We drove around a lot, visiting tiny towns off the beaten track and discovering many previously unknown (to us) cathedrals, monasteries and castles.

Here´s one at Dargun, originally a monastery founded by Swedes in the 1100´s. Coolly enough, the town´s library is now located in the only part of the building still intact (that tower in the middle).

Apparently the same bunch of monks gave up on the site and moved up to Eldena, although the thirty years war gave it a bit of a hiding:


We then found a big big castle in a tiny tiny town called Basedow. The weather had turned to the pits by now so there were no good photos to be had. However, there were lots of sheep wandering around it and it HAD A MOAT. Which was GREEN. All my fairytales have come true at once.

On the way home we detoured off the autobahn to avoid a traffic jam and found another two castles, a couple of impressive churches and a very tall monument topped with a golden angel commemorating the Battle of Fehrbellin in 1675. Sometimes I´m surprised I don´t hurt myself, tripping over all this history lying about the place.

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Jan said...

Hi DrJ it's great to discover East Eermany through your eyes! Amazing places!
I look forward to the trip in your self-sufficient mobile on Friday!