Wednesday, July 18, 2007

high fidelity

Summer has finally arrived and so DrH and I have been doing our best to enjoy it based on the assumption that it will disappear again as quickly as my patience with people who take up two car parks on our street. Everyone else can park a car in a spot 10cm wider than the car itself, so why can´t you Mr I´ve Got A BMW/Mercedes/Porsche? You´re just asking for a nasty little note stuck under a windscreen wiper.

I have so fully gone native.

The rainy weather of the last month combined with the mild winter and now warm spell has brought the mosquitoes out in force. While we were having dinner on Sunday evening DrH began looking more and more uncomfortable until he eventually interrupted my gleeful gorging to say that his feet had started burning. It turned out that after years of marital pressure to give up the whole Socks With Sandals look, DrH had ventured forth unprotected on a night when mosquitoes were finally celebrating their burst of freedom. Without socks every centimetre of exposed skin on his feet was a swollen reddened mess. It took cooling foot baths and every cream in the house for him to get to sleep that night.

However, I was the one who spent hours awake listening to the hum of mosquitoes. Although I rarely get bitten and suffer no reaction when I do, I CANNOT sleep through the noise of mozzies. Like a TV on standby it´s a worse sound than a child´s fingernails on a blackboard. Having checked it out recently, I now know that I can hear well to 16000 Hz and the 17000Hz will make my jaw clench unwillingly. I consider this sufficiently supurb hearing to call myself a cut above my 37 yr old husband and his age-damaged ears, and a reasonable enough excuse to bitch about not being able to sleep while he snores undisturbed through their high-pitched whines. IT´S MY EXCELLENT HEARING, DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I SUFFER FROM MY SUPERIORITY?

In a bedroom with 4metre ceilings I haven´t a hope of actually killing the little bastards and so I´ve been forced to wear earplugs to bed just to get some shut-eye. This has the added bonus that I don´t hear DrH waking up scratching and swearing as the latest invader, which thirty minutes earlier HE TOTALLY IGNORED telling me instead to turn off the light and try and sleep, feasts on him and I can sleep unscathed and peaceful.

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