Wednesday, August 01, 2007

obviously I´m addicted to tweaking things here

Welcome to August! The new header has no particular meaning, except that I had fun making it and I thought it was cute.

The second and far more important update is that I´m changing my site feed to run through feedburner. I´m guessing this means that the current site feed will no longer throw any content out. So if you are subscribed via bloglines, blogrolling, iGoogle, live bookmarking or whatever other rss aggregator you use to the blogspot address, I think you´ll have to change it.

The new feed is

Update your aggregator now, for it shall be switched tonight!

Edited to add: if you read directly on the website, don´t worry about this. Just keep popping by the same address as always.

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Image Goddess said...

I like the header. I'm still trying to make time to learn some html to get my site to look how I want it.