Friday, July 06, 2007

some days have to be doubled up by now, don´t they?

Seriously folks, there can´t be any free days left in the calendar any more. There are International Days of Eradication of Poverty, Tuberculosis, Television, Intellectual Property, Civil Aviation and Mother Languages -and those are just a brief selection from the UN recognised days.

But today is apparently the International Day of Kissing.

So get out there, pucker up, make someone´s day. I want to see everyone´s face scrunched in a ready to pash pout. This one has got to rate pretty high on my list of favourites days. Unless there was an International Day of Sex. Or Foot Massaging. That´d be just as good. Wonder who I have to write to about that?

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Image Goddess said...

Hmmm, today would be the day for me to go after people I don't like. I have a cold, I can pass it on!